Dutch Deluxes Food stands dark oak relief medium ø25x11cm

Kód: FSO-M
Značka: Dutch Deluxes
3 386 Kč / ks 2 798 Kč bez DPH
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Kategorie: Tácy a podnosy
Délka: 25
Materiál: Dřevo
Šířka: 25
Země původu: EU
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Created in 2013 by a couple passionate for cuisine and fashion, Dutchdeluxes is a creative line of fashionable kitchenware and tableware items. Products which adding a smile to daily cooking pleasure. Distinctive in material, shape, quality and colours.

Started with XXL servingplatters, in bright colours and in classic solid Oak and Walnut styles. Followed by leather Aprons in full grain leather, aging in a beautiful patina over time. Added Aprons in painted denim and corduroy with patterns. 

Dutchdeluxes likes traditions and loves natural materials, but never old-fashioned in styling. Dutchdeluxes is setting a new standard in kitchen- and hospitality life, cause wining and dining is about feeling good, presentation and looking good too!